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Chelsea last 10 players attacked and slaughtered Brighton 2-1.

Chelsea, who were left with 10 men at the end of the game, defeated Brighton 2-1, taking the opportunity to go to European football in their hands. At the Amex Stadium, it’s a Premier League battle between the Seagulls and the Blue Lions.UFABET  After 11

Tuna Bread (use whole wheat bread)

It is an applied menu that is chic. but not missing the good taste. The oiliness of the eggs and tuna go very well together. Served with 1 fresh passion fruit. The mixture consists of 1 egg yolk and 2 egg whites (it is said that we can

Korean Style Baked Eggs.

  Who is addicted to egg buns or Korean Style Baked Eggs, Popular Korean street food? Let’s try to cook by yourself, shall we? Comes with how to make bread dough. The specialty is ham or bacon. Suitable for both breakfast and snacks. Ingredients Bread Flour 3/4 cup all-purpose flour 2 eggs 1/3

Fried tofu.

         Who is looking for fried food to eat and enjoy, You can look recipe Fried tofu. Take the white tofu and fry it until the color is crispy and soft. Served with roasted peanut dipping sauce. Ingredients 65 g of granulated sugar Palm sugar 65

Grilled Salmon Teriyaki Sauce.

          At the beginning of the month. Let’s have a menu of Grilled Salmon with teriyaki sauce for a meal. Comes with how to make teriyaki sauce Stir until cooked. Then pour teriyaki sauce over it. Eat with hot steamed rice. Ingredients Grilled Salmon Teriyaki Sauce Salmon fillet

5 healthy foods.

 Anyone looking for a healthy diet to control weight or build muscle. Try these 5 healthy foods. to be assembled into a healthy menu to help strengthen the body Outside of a good figure. There is also good health.Today I would like to recommend 5 healthy foods

Fried Chicken Breast with Shrimp Paste.

 Let’s come together to the menu of Fried Chicken Breast with Shrimp Paste. It is a menu of clean chicken breasts with reduced sodium fish sauce. Or just add shrimp paste eat with vegetables. Let’s go to cooking. Ingredients: Fried Chicken Breast with Shrimp Paste. sliced ​​chicken breast

Soy milk Useful Or Not?

Soybean milk or soy milk is a beverage made from soybeans. By bringing the healthy cooking soybeans to blend with water and then squeeze the filter out of the waste. May add additional seasoning by adding salt or sugar. Soy milk Useful Or Not? Lose weight and

How to store Japanese spring onions

How to store Japanese spring onions

How to store Japanese spring onions? 1. Keep the refrigerator in the normal compartment. cut into half           Wash the spring onions thoroughly, cut off the root, cut in half. Cover with plastic food preservation at the green end. Find a container of water at the bottom of

Baked Eggs with Bread By Air Fryer

Baked Eggs with Bread By Air Fryer

Baked Eggs with Bread By Air Fryer. Changed the baked egg menu from a regular cup to using bread for a cup instead. add more delicious Anyone who wants to make their own bread can see it at Here’s how to make pound bread . This menu is another