Soy milk Useful Or Not?

Soybean milk or soy milk is a beverage made from soybeans. By bringing the healthy cooking soybeans to blend with water and then squeeze the filter out of the waste. May add additional seasoning by adding salt or sugar.

soy milk

Soy milk Useful Or Not?

Lose weight and fat

One study examined the effectiveness of cow’s milk. Flavored soy milk and calcium supplements affecting fat reduction in premenopausal women with obesity  and overweight found that. The consumption of low-fat milk such as flavored soy milk. Significantly reduced obesity and abdominal obesity in the experimental sample.

Bone maintenance

An experiment on the benefits of isoflavone soy milk on quality of life and bone formation in Spanish postmenopausal women. It was found that the consumption of soy milk increased the amount of vitamin D. And help reduce the process of bone breakdown. In addition, The consumption of soy isoflavones more. May improve the quality of life of the sample and increase bone density as well.

Soy milk helps blood pressure

A trial conduct to study the effectiveness of soy-based beverages in terms of nutritional value. And its influence on weight loss Soy-based beverages have been found to help lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. Which is the blood pressure when the heart contracts and relaxes In a sample of obese and overweight young women. However no effect on weight loss was found in this trial. Or a significantly reduced waist circumference in any way.

Blood insulin levels and digestion

A study conduct to determine the effectiveness of daily. Consumption of dairy products and soy milk 30 minutes before meals and with meals in healthy adult subjects. To study the influence on the digestive system Blood sugar and insulin levels. It was found that drinking whole milk. Soy and cow’s milk 30 minutes before a meal lowered blood sugar levels after a meal than drinking it with a meal. This approach may be useful for patients at risk of developing diabetes from the consumption of foods with a high GI (Glycemic Index: Glycemic Index). Which still needs further research in order to get clear and useful information in the future.

Intestinal bacteria

Research into the consumption of fermented soy milk fermented milk may influence intestinal bacteria. The results indicated that consuming fermented soy milk fermented milk significantly increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the small intestine (Probiotics). Which is beneficial for the intestines and digestive system.