Tuna Bread (use whole wheat bread)

It is an applied menu that is chic. but not missing the good taste. The oiliness of the eggs and tuna go very well together. Served with 1 fresh passion fruit. The mixture consists of 1 egg yolk and 2 egg whites (it is said that we can eat up to 5 egg whites a day. But emphasize that egg whites only. 1 egg yolk at most per day is enough) followed by 2 slices of whole wheat bread, tuna in mineral water.

 Fresh vegetables can be chosen as you like. As for how to do it. Put together the body to be like in the picture. Just like this. You will get 1 clean food that doesn’t need to be seasoned. It can be delicious too. Plus it’s good for your health UFABET

When losing weight , controlling food, the thing that needs to be reduced the most is ” starch ” and another thing. That many people think must be reduced as well? Is it effective? This is as important as flour. That thing is ” sodium “. Which this sodium In food that is a condiment such as salt, fermented fish sauce, shrimp paste, fish sauce, etc. Therefore, good weight loss must reduce starch and sodium simultaneously.