Vegetarian curry, tofu and fruit

Make a comforting Vegetarian curry for dinner, like a japanrese curry but coconut milk added. Try one of our best ever vagetarian curry recipes. Vegetables add great splashes of colour and create lighter and more interesting dishes.

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Vegetarian curry with tofu and fruit

– 50g pineapple
– 1/4 diced carrot
– 1/2 diced potato
– 1 sliced ​​tofu
– 1 cup of mushroom
– 3 sliced ​​pumpkin
– broccoli cut into small pieces 1/4 cup
– 1 cup vegetable stock (240 ml.)
– 1.5 tablespoon curry powder
– 2 tablespoons coconut milk.

How to make:
1. Add boiling water, potatoes, carrots into.Thermos ®  Food JarLeave it to set for 10 minutes.
2. While waiting for the oil in the pan. Over medium-high heat, place the pineapple and pumpkin in a pan. Cook the pumpkin on both sides until it starts to brown.
3. Add curry powder and stir in a pan with vegetables. Then add vegetable stock and coconut milk, then lift off to boil.
4. Pour all the water out of the Food Jar and add the prepared broth.
5. Add the tofu and broccoli down. go Close the lid tightly and turn the Food Jar back and forth 2-4 times to allow the ingredients to mix well.
6. Let the food jar sit for 30 minutes. Heat evenly before serving.