2 recipes for ‘green creamy fruit smoothies detox’ low cal!

1. Creamy Chocolate fruit smootie

The yummy fruit smoothies recipe, if you are hungry. You are guaranteed that you are full of the meal. It is powered by bananas, chocolate, almond milk and avocado * rubbing belly puff * but wait! Drink and not get fat. 

Because avocado has good fats, keeping women full for a long time, constant blood sugar values You won’t be hungry during the day, of course.

For this recipe:

1 mixture of milk, almonds, vanilla, 1 cup unsweetened
Kale (Kale) 1 handful
of avocado half the
cocoa powder 1 tablespoon unsweetened
banana 3/4 the
INSTUCTION: Pour all the ingredients into the blender. Blend until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous. Lift and drink!
Energy: 310 calories

* relatively high energy. Drinking instead of meals is not a bad choice

2.Green Detox Smoothie

The light recipe: Anyone who likes sweet and sour fruit smoothies will like it! . Because this recipe is a combination of all popular fruits like lemon and apple, topped with spinach. To help detox The body naturally detoxifies and reduces inflammation. This recipe also contains kiwi and celery stalks. Which contains antioxidants as well.

 Let’s try to do it.

This recipe is for: 1 mixture of apples, 1 child (diced)
Kiwi 2 children (rind removed, cut into cubes)
lemon juice from 1 lemon baby
spinach, 1 handful of
celery 1 stalk
1 teaspoon honey.
Ice (shift to be blended to be the same as the fruit).
How to make: Pour all ingredients into a blender. Once the meat is smooth, you can lift and serve!
Energy: 250 calories