Drinking plenty of water.

It is believed that drinking plenty of water makes the body work better. It also helps to lose weight and maintain healthy skin. Especially drinking mineral water. Because there is information claiming to be drinking water from natural sources. Which is rich in various minerals. Many people believe that mineral water is good for the health of the body than plain water or tap water.

drink water

Our body weight is made up of 60% water. The body can lose water through activities such as exercise. Drinking water is very important. But most people don’t pay much attention to drinking water. And often do not take into account the right amount. Some drink too little or too much water. Until causing health hazards. They may also not know that If the body is dehydrated for only 5 days or 1 week. It can cause death.

benefits of drinking water

  • Lose weight.  Drinking water may contribute to a higher calorie burn rate.
  • skin health
  • It is a component of the joint lubricant.
  • enhance the functioning of the digestive system
  • expels bacteria from the bladder
  • Contributes to normal heart rate
  • regulate body temperature
  • control blood pressure
  • prevent constipation
  • Prevents damage to tissues and organs
  • Maintain electrolyte (sodium) balance

How much water should you drink per day?

Every day the body loses water through urination, sweating, breathing, etc. It is therefore important to drink water to replace what is lost. But drinking the right amount of water may be even more important. Because if drinking too much or too little It may cause harm to the body. And as it is commonly known that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is enough for the functioning of the body. But actually the optimal dosage may depend on other factors of the consumer such as activity, gender and age.

Such amounts include the amount of water obtained from food. Vegetables or fruits such as berries, watermelons, cucumbers, bell peppers, spinach, celery or cauliflower. finished

When is the best time to drink water?

In addition to the amount of water consume. Increasing the efficiency of the body’s work to be better. This may be done by drinking water at appropriate intervals as follows:

  • After waking up drink a glass of water after waking up. Helps the body to eliminate various toxins and stimulate the functioning of internal organs.
  • After bathing drink a glass of water after bathing. Can help lower blood pressure
  • Before meals drink a glass of water 30 minutes before eating. Help the digestive system work better. Along with drinking a glass of water 1 hour after eating to help the body absorb nutrients. But the gastric juice can be diluted if the water is taken for too long.
  • Before going to bed drinking a glass of water before bed can help replace the fluids you lose during the night.