Healthy drink for fitness lovers

A drink for fitness lovers, what to drink and how to drink?

What is a fitness drink? Is only water enough? Or need to drink mineral water To compensate for the lost sweat and make exercise more durable We have answers.

Everyone knows that when exercising. What is indispensable is Sufficient water supply Therefore, we must always have a drink with us. Although most people choose plain water initially But in the shops there are also many drinks to choose from. Both sports drinks Many recipes for energy drinks, many flavors So what kind of people should we be active as a partner when working out?

The choice of a drink depends largely on your individual preferences, duration, and exercise intensity. That are sold in the market better that what is.

Plain water

The first feature everyone takes into account when exercising is thirst quenching, Drinks help prevent dehydration while exercising.

Why? Why drink

Christine Clark, Director of Sports Nutrition Penn State University Conclude that before, during and after exercise Everyone’s body often needs these 3 things.

1. Hydration

The body needs fluids to stay hydrated and replace the water lost through the skin through sweat.

2. Energy (Fuel)

Or carbohydrates that we need to move the body Which while exercising The energy that is absorbed should be consumed immediately. Without disturbing the digestive system

3. Mineral (Electrolyte)

Such as sodium and potassium chloride, which people who exercise lose through sweat. Just like water ,When? 

Drink Before exercise

Choose to drink 480 ml of water or sports drink 2 hours before exercise or sport to help adjust the fluid level. And minerals in the body to prepare for activities or sports. Carbohydrate (sugar) energy substances increase muscle glycogen levels. And sodium will reduce water loss from urine before exercise.

During exercise

Choose from 120-180 ml of water or sports drink every 15-20 minutes to maintain fluid levels in your body and muscles. Which allows athletes to play sports longer and more durable.

After exercise

Choose to drink 600 ml of water or electrolyte drink, it will increase the replacement of the body water lost by sweat. And increase the level of glycogen accumulated in the muscles Especially products that contain high amounts of sodium It is important after exercise.

hydrating. Maintain adequate water levels Can replace the lost water through sweat Or prevent dehydration after exercise.

Vitamin Water

It is a vitamin-infused drink that has recently been widespread. Currently in our house there are not many sales. The popular ingredients are vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, biotin (Biotin), folic acid (Folic Acid), which vitamins and minerals. Will help restore the body and repair the wear and tear After strenuous exercise.

Energy Drinks

This is a drink containing concentrated energy, vitamins, amino acids, taurine and glucuronolactone, or may be mixed with a small amount of caffeine (75-200 mg). To help increase the ability to exercise to endure and be energetic all the time.

Sports Drinks

It is a drink that contains water, minerals and various energy sources. Necessary for the body To compensate for the water that the body has lost Makes you feel refreshed And exercising for a longer time .