What are the cat fungus?

There are many types of cat fungus. But the most common one is Microsporum canis. That lives on the skin of animals. Can be transmit from cat to cat. And can also be transmitted from cats to humans through direct contact. Make all cat slaves who like to hug, hold or play with cats. A skin disease from the cause of cat fungal infection. Which takes a long time to heal because it can be repeat and add more black marks from scars.

How is the cat fungus observed?

Accumulated humidity Microsporum canis can be see in the cat’s skin as dry, red, and possibly peeling. And hair loss in patches Long-haired cats are more susceptible to yeast infection than short-haired cats. Because it can accumulate more moisture In addition to cats. Other pets can also be infected with fungi. That UFABET can be contact to other people from insufficient cleaning.

What are the symptoms of a cat fungal infection?

A red rash on the skin It looks like a circle, flaky around and spreads to grow bigger and bigger.


Scratching the wound and scratching other parts can be infect with fungi

Who is at risk for feline yeast infection?

  • child
  • the elderly
  • People whose immune system is not strong

Treating a Feline Fungus Infection

  • Applying a disinfectant to the red, rash skin for about 3 weeks can relieve symptoms. And heal for those who have mild symptoms.
  • taking medicine Together with apply the drug for 3 weeks or more. For those who have a red rash all over the body.