Benefit of Wasabi

Wasabi is a spicy flavoring condiment and Benefit of Wasabi is rich in important nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals. Prevent food poisoning, prevent tooth decay and prevent cancer, etc.

Wasabi is made by grinding wasabi trees which are native to Japan. Popular people bring wasabi to eat with raw fish or rice ball. And nowadays wasabi is agood as a flavoring powder or an ingredient in foods and desserts to add flavor and variety to the product. 100 grams of wasabi provides approximately 292 calories.

It also provides nutrients such as protein, fiber, calcium, potassium, sodium, vitamin E and vitamin K, as well as Allyl Isothiocyanate. Which may help antibacterial bacteria in the oral cavity and other areas of the body.
Therefore, in addition to adding delicious taste in food. So many people choose to eat wasabi because they believe that it has various benefits that are good for the body.

However, there is some research and scientific evidence proving the properties of wasabi:

Benefit of Wasabi : Reduce obesity  

Obesity causes various health effects from the presence of large amounts of excess fat in the body. And because wasabi is spicy Many people believe that the spicy wasabi flavor may help burn fat in the body, which can help reduce obesity.

Benefit of Wasabi :Prevent food poisoning  

Most food poisoning is caused by the consumption of food and drinking water contaminated with bacteria. In which wasabi contains allilisothiocyanates, which studies have shown that they may be effective against certain bacteria.

In one study, wasabi powder was used against bacteria E. Coli and staphylococcus aureus , which is often present in food and causes food poisoning. It was found that the allil isothiocyanate in wasabi powder may help prevent food poisoning by effectively acting against both of these bacteria.

Benefit of Wasabi : Prevent cancer 

Cancer is a deadly disease that can be life threatening. This is the abnormal growth of tissue cells and spreading through various areas of the body that can lead to serious illnesses. Many people try to stay healthy in order to reduce their risk of this disease, such as choosing healthy foods, including wasabi. Because there is some research studies in this area and found that. The compounds in wasabi may have activity against human pancreatic cancer cells.

Although these studies suggest wasabi may help protect against certain cancers. But such research is only a study of cancer cells in the laboratory. Therefore, it is not possible to conclude whether wasabi actually helps prevent cancer in humans and how safe it is. Therefore, studies with wasabi in humans should be studied. To confirm this hypothesis clearly and be useful in cancer treatment or prevention.

Precautions for consuming wasabi

While wasabi contains many beneficial nutrients. The average person can eat wasabi harmlessly if consumed in moderation. But at present there is not enough information to clearly confirm the effectiveness. Also safety of consuming wasabi for the treatment or prevention of disease. People with health problems should consult a doctor before consuming or using any wasabi products, especially those in the following groups.

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding At present, there is not enough reliable information to confirm the safety of eating wasabi while pregnant or breastfeeding. Therefore, mothers should avoid consuming wasabi during this period.
  • Have a bleeding disorder Wasabi might slow blood clotting. And it may increase the risk that people with bleeding disorders become prone to bruising or bleeding. And wasabi may cause excessive bleeding during surgery. 

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