Check hemorrhoids with 5 methods.

Hemorrhoids Caused by a capillary aneurysm. Until the formation of a swollen lump around the mouth, anus Can divide the severity of symptoms into 4 phases, which hemorrhoids. This cause by eating less fiber foods, drinking less water, not exercising. Including lifestyle habits. such as playing mobile phones or reading while excreting frequent violent stools. If still not adjusting the behavior. This can cause the capillaries to aneurysm more. Most of the time Hemorrhoids usually occur in people between the ages of 40-60 years and can be both male and female. Is it hemorrhoids? The doctor will have 5 methods of examination as follows

  • Rectal examination Usually, hemorrhoids may be seen protruding.
  • Examination of the rectum by hand. This will help distinguish the anus from other diseases. With symptoms similar to hemorrhoids Especially the lump Or sores around the anus
  • Check through the rectum with a Proctoscope is suitable for older patients. And found that there is a history of chronic excretion disorders
  • Try Examination by examining the colon and rectum with a ufabet Colonoscope.
  • Barium enema is sent for colonoscopy. Barium enema. The doctor will use this method only if the patient has unclear symptoms or other symptoms. As well as used for examination in elderly patients.