Eating eggs causes scars – raised scars?

I believe that many people should have heard it before. That do not eat eggs after a wound or recently had surgery because it will scar or a convex wound not pretty smooth. Moreover, our relatives used to warn that Eat eggs and the wound will become purulent as well healthy. Is this belief true? Let’s find out.

Eggs = protein

If anyone who has studied the EEC since childhood. Then try to think about it. Should be easily understood What is the function of protein? Protein helps strengthen the wear and tear in the body itself. Both build tissue and is a component of red blood cells to bring oxygen to nourish the various parts of the body as well. So if we are wounded The skin tissue is destroyed. You have to eat protein to strengthen tissue to recover quickly, right?

Wound, do not eat eggs?

This belief is not true at all. Eating eggs does not cause scars, ulcers, or pus. but will also make the wound heal faster.

Convex scars are caused by what?

The cause of the bulge is not yet clearly explained. But there is an assumption that It may be a wound that occurs where the skin is very tight. joints such as the knees, elbows, shoulders, or mid-chest. There is also another type of raised scar that grows far beyond the boundaries of the original scar. We call it keloid scar. That usually occurs with patients with dark skin color. Occurs in the position of the shoulder, earlobe, middle of the chest. Or may be inherited from parents UFABET 

Massage in the area around the wound after the wound has healed completely. About the first 3-6 months, can help reduce the risk of scarring. But if it’s a big wound or difficult to massage such as burns, scalds, may require the use of special tools such as bandages, etc. If you are worried that the wound will scar. Can seek advice from a doctor who treats the wound.