Taking care of your health during the summer

Taking care of your health during the summer. The Office of the Health Promotion Foundation has good advice on as follows:

The causes of disease affecting the body are from changes in weather and seasons. There are six factors: wind, heat, humidity, dryness, cold and fire (heat generated within the body), each of which affects the adaptation of the body. Different body If the body is unable to adapt to the rapid changes. Also because the condition of the body is weak can cause disease and here are 8 ways to take care of your health in the summer.

taking care of your health during the summer

1. Do not eat ice or drink very cold water.

Summer is hot, we need to find a way to quench the heat. To prevent excessive heat hitting the body Is the correct principle But how to cool instead of too much. Such as eating ice in a cold place. Eating only food that is cold, etc. It is not appropriate. In general, we tend to drink cold water. Ice water Tea, soft drinks, chilled or over ice, chilled fruit like watermelon, pineapple, etc., The cold will affect the digestive system  water volume to dilute the digestive juices. And resulted in the blood that nourishes the stomach to make it less digested Causing a decrease in digestive performance Cause gastroenteritis easily People who already have gastritis and ulcers will relapse easily. Or people with bronchitis Drinking cold water can lead to more coughing and breathlessness.In addition, unclean ice can also lead to diarrhea.

2. Drinks that are suitable for hot summer days

In the hot summer we have a lot of water loss through sweat. A good replacement for the body’s waste water is drinking plain (cooked) water or if it is enriched with sugar, salt, or other herbs. Can be selected according to preferences and suitability, for example.

Taking care of your health during the summer

  • Drinking hot tea Chrysanthemum juice, honeysuckle flower juice, bamboo leaf juice, plum juice, bean juice  will help reduce heat of heart (blood circulation), brighten eyes, increase body water, nourish liver, nourish kidney, appetite, help digestive system and absorb food. Diuretic to strengthen the body
  • The addition of sugar and salt (in moderation)  to various beverages. This will help strengthen the body and prevent the loss of sodium salt of the body. Especially people who work outdoors or use heavy labor.
  • Drinking hot tea or herbal foods.  It is intended to increase sweating. Heat dissipation Note that after eating such food it makes you feel comfortable. The properties of the herbs are to keep the body from getting too hot. And create water so as not to sweat a lot But should not drink ice tea. Because it has more negative effects than good