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Can vitamin C really prevent colds?

          From the study found that taking vitamin C regularly could not prevent colds. and had no effect on reducing the risk of catching a cold. Except in those who exercise regularly can reduce how to catching a cold by up to 50%          But even so, can help

Do you eat guava? Can it really help you lose weight?

          Half a guava gives about 54 kcal of energy. If you eat 1 fruit, it will have about 108 kcal of energy. Which is considered a fruit that provides relatively low energy anyway. In addition, guava is rich in fiber, vitamins, proteins and minerals. Eating

Can coconut water increase sexual arousal?

          I’ve heard that drinking coconut water every day helps to have a high sex drive. Things like this are much more durable. But before believing, Information that coconut water contains phytoestrogen hormones. That has a structure and action similar to the hormone

Vegetables and fruits that contain collagen.

           For anyone looking for vegetables or fruits that contain collagen. Or can help stimulate the creation of collagen. You can choose to eat vegetables and fruits menu from the list below. 1. Coconut           Coconut is a fruit that women deserve. Including people who want to

How important is Zinc to the body?

Zinc is one of the essential nutrients for the body. That the body cannot produce on its own or can be stored. But it can only be obtained through diet. Our bodies need zinc. to be used in various processes of the body such as growth and development of the