Barcelona may part ways with Nike to join Puma.

Puma has the opportunity to become Barcelona main sponsor, replacing Nike. If the Azulgrana team cancels their contract with American sports products.

Diario Sport reported on Sunday that. Barcelona may be looking to cancel their contract. With Nike in favor of a deal with Puma that would give the Azulgrana more compensation. Ready to pay 200 million euros per year and possibly up to 300 million euros. Immediately becoming the highest paid club in the world ทางเข้า UFABET 

Barcelona’s relationship with Nike has troubled for some time. This is because the Azulgrana team receives a fixed salary of 105 million euros per year from American sports products. And an additional bonus of approximately 50 million euros. The Azulgrana team is not satisfied with the figures. But Nike has no plans to increase it. The value of the deal at all That led the Catalan giants to negotiate with Puma over a new sponsorship deal.

According to the report.

Puma is willing to meet Barcelona’s demands by paying 200-300 million euros per year. More than Manchester City, who receive 160 million euros per year from Puma, the highest at present, ahead of Real. Madrid came in second in terms of a deal with Adidas.

However, Barcelona is still under an agreement with Nike until 2028. Which has two options for terminating the deal. The first option is to immediately notify Nike that they intend to terminate the remaining contract. In that situation, the American sports product will be given a two-year grace period. After which the Azulgrana will not have to pay any compensation and will be free to sign with Puma immediately.

Another solution is to cancel the contract immediately. For this case, Barcelona will have to pay a certain amount called ‘Lost profits’ to American sports products. According to the estimates of the Azulgrana team management, the figure is estimated to be around 20-25 million euros.